How to convert a kurti into a dress!!

Checkered kurti was not what I wanted in my closet so the next best thing was to transform it into a pretty pretty dress. How? Follow these few easy steps and slay!

Things you’ll need!

  1. Kurti that you want to transform.
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Marking chalk or some jugaad to mark, make sure it will rinse off.
  4. Sewing machine (ask your neighbours if you don’t have one, it should not take more than 5 mins)
  5. And as I have always said- patience.

Let’s gear up then what are we waiting for!

This is how my kurti looked in the beginning.

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DIY Denim Boots!!

A pair of Denim Knee Boots

Hello!!!!! So my friend wanted to know how I transformed my old pair of denim pants into knee boots which looks something just like this.

Follow these simple steps and get those dream boots in your closet with zero investment. Jugaad works best when you are broke and creative (That’s me)  Dig deep into your closet and pick that pair of denim which will come out to be the best kind of boots for you.


Things that you will need.
1. A pair of denim pants.
2. A pair of Scissors.
3. A pair of shoes.
4. Measuring tape. (not mandatory)
5. Marking chalk.
6. Fabric glue.
7. And finally a little patience for best results 😉

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How to crack NIFT 2018!!

Getting through any competitive examination is not a rocket science. It only needs two things

One Preparation, two interest.

If one is really interested in getting through then preparation will be definitely fun and trust me “not” easy. It should be kept in mind that consistency and relentlessness will take you there.

Here are a few tips on how to get through National Institute of Fashion Technology’s entrance examination,  held every year somewhere in the time block of the month January or February followed by the next rounds.

Starting with Bachelor’s: Bachelors of design and Bachelors of fashion technology are the two main branches in NIFT. To know more about the courses offered check the link below,

So for the preparation of general ability test you need to consistently solve or read. Refer the following books,

  1. R.S. Agarwal – Aptitude
  2. English is easy by Chetananand Singh.
  3. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.
  4. Manorama year book. (Well this may sound scary but once you start reading it, I bet you will love it and it will be kind of an addition at least till you get into nift after that you ll have to work your ass off!)
  5. Nift entrance exam preparation book- all in one by Arihant.
  6. Casestudy – Chetananand should do the work.

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Modify your T-shirt !!

Why wear the same tee when you can modify it all by yourself, get a fresh look and make some heads turn. Lil’ time, zero investment and a whole lot of fun. Let’s get started shall we?

Pick that favorite tee of yours which you don’t feel like putting on! you can neither get rid-of it nor wear it and get your pair of scissors ready.. to do some chopping. Here is my personal “I am perfect you adjust” makeover.

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This Diwali

A very happy Diwali to all my fellas. This festival of lights always treats us right dosen’t it? Lighten up your place and your hearts this festive season. Go Kasuti Go you! I decided on wearing our very own heritage Kasuti embroidered saree and celebrate the festival of gaining wisdom over ignorance.

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How to make Pom-Pom!!

Pom-Pom obsession!

Call it POM-POM or POM-PON its one and the same. These are so much in trend that I think its high time to own one, if not make one. Yes, you heard me right, we are going to make the pom-poms and use it where ever we want cause fashion has no boundaries right? Things we need,

  1. Woolen yarn of your choice. I am choosing these colors to match with my plans.
  2. A fork (size can be again of your choice).
  3. Pair of scissors.

Let’s get started, shall we!

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NIFT- National Institute of Fashion Technology

What is NIFT?
National Institute of Fashion Technology. A place where dreams come true, a place where creativity is the mother of all Gods.
It’s a college, yes!! It is a college which provides both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and has various branches to dig deep.

Now what I’m going to say might sound harsh but it is “The ugly truth” North, East and West Indians are atleast aware of this course, but we South Indian people will only get to know if we think outside engineering and medicine; IIT’s and NIT’s. There is no doubt that these are two amazing professions.
If you join one of these course wanting to mint money, sorry to burst your bubble its like building castles in the air.
Don’t listen to your neighbour aunty, she is exaggerating her son’s “package”.
Don’t get excited over those Friday night Instagram hashtags it ain’t cakewalk to work for 5 whole days on something that you don’t really care about to get 2 off days!

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4 Ways to Style A Maxi Skirt!

A maxi skirts cannot be worn often, as it looks repetitive right?? Why should denims have all the pleasure of matching with anything and everything!? No worries!! Even a maxi skirt can do you that favour as long as the styling is perfectly done!

Hop-in to check-out 4 ways to style a black and white striped maxi skirt to slay effortlessly.

Look 1

Glam yourself up this Friday night with a perfect attire. Don a leather jacket and a pair of boots, that simple maxi won’t look simple anymore.

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Just Us Two!

She is like my hand and glove
For us shall forever glow
Life comes to a standstill
Easier with u would be that hill

We don’t spend this life shy
For we know it’s a far cry
Suddenly when she drops in
For half the situation that I win Continue reading “Just Us Two!”