Just Us Two!

She is like my hand and glove
For us shall forever glow
Life comes to a standstill
Easier with u would be that hill

We don’t spend this life shy
For we know it’s a far cry
Suddenly when she drops in
For half the situation that I win Continue reading “Just Us Two!”

Superheroes aka Mom’s!

A beautiful morning, a cup of tea, classic Parle G.. a thought crossed my mind and I asked my mom ” Amma nin kanas yen life naga!?” “what’s your dream??”

She answered “My dream is to see you both succeed” I was surprised! I mean, we must have seen it in a movie or read about it in a cheesy novel, Rite? But I never gave it a second thought as it didn’t seem real!

After digesting the fact and reading a bit about it, realized I had a story to tell! A story of all the Superheroes! MOMMY’S! The one who compromised something or the other (in some cases everything) which meant a lot to her!

Chali Kahani..

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Hey all, due to some technical glitch we lost our blog content.

Owing to, we will have to start from the scratch.

Well, no worries we will gear up again and BRB with amazing fashion updates. Stay tuned.

The old articles will be put up again with new exhilarating info.

So happy to see you again,