Just Us Two!

She is like my hand and glove
For us shall forever glow
Life comes to a standstill
Easier with u would be that hill

We don’t spend this life shy
For we know it’s a far cry
Suddenly when she drops in
For half the situation that I win
She makes me flow at ease

For all the grief’s that she cease
We are each other’s sheet anchors
Dreamers doers and believe in girl power

We don’t stop annoying each other
Because it is good for health you know
We are so close that we often forget
Whose memories belonged to whom?

We can’t stay angry at each other for a long
As my crush is expecting a real reply
And I need help
We have the exact same shoe size
And we cry out for a single walk-in closet
Instead of two
We laugh at our problems with all due respect
And then solve them because
We believe that God doesn’t give you
Something that you can’t handle..

-Enthusiast Poetess Prerana :p

So yeah its official Per is dilettante late night poetess. Scribbling her thoughts under the quilt.
Let’s just brief it up;
Having a sibling is one of the best feelings in the world you always have a back up. If you have a sibling, you are a lucky one! Your sibling isn’t your best friend?! Well then, go talk to them! I insist! No special person will ever understand you better than your sibling and yeah only if you make it happen!!! Give it a try!! Don’t think about the age gap!! If you are elder then guide your younger or if you are younger you already have a guide, ask for their advice!!! Laugh with them in their good times; just be there in their bad times! Give your blood a chance and trust me miracles do happen!!! 😉

See you again…


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