Superheroes aka Mom’s!

A beautiful morning, a cup of tea, classic Parle G.. a thought crossed my mind and I asked my mom ” Amma nin kanas yen life naga!?” “what’s your dream??”

She answered “My dream is to see you both succeed” I was surprised! I mean, we must have seen it in a movie or read about it in a cheesy novel, Rite? But I never gave it a second thought as it didn’t seem real!

After digesting the fact and reading a bit about it, realized I had a story to tell! A story of all the Superheroes! MOMMY’S! The one who compromised something or the other (in some cases everything) which meant a lot to her!

Chali Kahani..

She was just born. A babe in arms.. A smiling baby as she too had dreams you know, expectations from life, a glimpse of future her…. She grew up went to school, just like us, made friends and called them ‘friends for life’ because she had no idea of what life had on its platter. Went to college with her friends, scored well! Completed her degree too, then?

Then what happened? Her life took a turn, she got Married! Yeyyiii!! In the beginning everything was fine with love in the air just like a fairy tale!

Once again her life took a turn, everything was going to change all over again! Why? Because we happened!! We were born! I don’t say that it was all bad! She was extremely happy and grateful that we happened! But she was lost in the jungle of dying dreams!

Giving us a perfect life was her dream now….. We are her dream! Similar to her dream.

Maybe she doesn’t even remember about her childhood dreams or her wishes or her future plans. Because all she thinks about is her child’s future now!

If you think that you are working hard on your dreams!! Trust me, you are not working as hard as your mother!

Now, I would like to ask a favor from you guys! We don’t need the government to announce a day so that we celebrate and thank our Superheroes! Right? So put your work aside no matter how important it is…no matter how bad your day is going…just get up and go to your mother, hug her and say “I love you mom thank-you” & if you are not with her you can just give her a missed call! Because she will definitely call you back, as they are the one at your beck and call. 

As soon as you thank her, you know what your mother will say!? She will scold you, hug you back tightly and say “don’t ever say thank-you again and I love you more!!!” It will make her so happy that may be you just made her day!!!

Mother’s happiness comes in small packets….make her happy!

Big shout out to all the mom’s to be more relevant “superheroes” out there for bringing us into this beautiful world and being there for us like a ROCK!

We love you to the moon and back!!!!! Salute Salute!!

See you again..



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