Indian Interview Outfit!!

Interviews in Indian Wear!

Interviews equals Formals is the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind mostly in their final year. Well, we don’t even think about interviews before that, do we?

There are actually many options on what to wear for an interview. You do not have to go black formal pants.. dull shirt.. borrowed blazer all the time. What actually matters during an interview is how well you carry yourself, how confident you are, all your grades and achievements you have inside that little file which will decide your immediate future that might last for a few days or maybe months or even years for some. In any case, you have to look sharp and dapper. Here is an amazing option rather than those regular formals to slay your upcoming interview to get ‘that’ dream job you have been waiting for so long.




Set is from ajio
Specs: Mandarin collar with embroidered detail, tucks on the front, slit on the centre front, three-quarter sleeves with checkered pattern on hems, two insert pockets and full button placket on the front, side slits, Casual trousers with zip closure on one side, insert pocket on either side, over-lay detail on the hems.

Go Khaki this season, if you are pondering that you will get overdressed with khaki then remember you want to get that job and hence you gotta have an edge over the rest. Going to an interview is like going to a prom, the more you look different the better.

One important thing to keep in mind if you want to go khaki this interview, you can neither afford wrinkles on your outfit nor worry on your face. So don’t just grab it out from your closet and jump in, press it and relax. No wrinkles no crinkles.

See you again..

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