NIFT- National Institute of Fashion Technology

What is NIFT?
National Institute of Fashion Technology. A place where dreams come true, a place where creativity is the mother of all Gods.
It’s a college, yes!! It is a college which provides both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and has various branches to dig deep.

Now what I’m going to say might sound harsh but it is “The ugly truth” North, East and West Indians are atleast aware of this course, but we South Indian people will only get to know if we think outside engineering and medicine; IIT’s and NIT’s. There is no doubt that these are two amazing professions.
If you join one of these course wanting to mint money, sorry to burst your bubble its like building castles in the air.
Don’t listen to your neighbour aunty, she is exaggerating her son’s “package”.
Don’t get excited over those Friday night Instagram hashtags it ain’t cakewalk to work for 5 whole days on something that you don’t really care about to get 2 off days!

Don’t you think it’s time to take our lives seriously and do what we love rather than doing what’s easy? or what your neighbour aunty wants! “Beta do basic engineering and then you can do what you love!”
Engineering is supposed to give you some kind of job security.
Doing something for security is a pretty mundane life.
I am not saying that Nift is the only option what I am trying to tell here is that there are million other ways. You just need to trust your gut and go for it.

Coming back to Nift, as the name represents it is a fashion college and it does not mean that people join Nift only to become models or get into Cinema.

It’s a designing college which provides Bachelor’s of Design (B.Des) and Bachelor’s of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech).
Bachelor’s of design has 6 branches just like Engineering.
1. Fashion design
2. Fashion communication
3. Leather design
4. Knitwear design
5. Textile design
6. Accessory design

Masters include
1. Masters of Fashion Management (MFM)
2. Masters of Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech)
3. Masters of Design (M.Des)

Nift also offers Continuing education programmes for working and non-working professionals and full-time Ph.D

Hope you liked the post. To know more about NIFT stay tuned.
Follow your dreams, will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.
See you again..

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