How to make Pom-Pom!!

Pom-Pom obsession!

Call it POM-POM or POM-PON its one and the same. These are so much in trend that I think its high time to own one, if not make one. Yes, you heard me right, we are going to make the pom-poms and use it where ever we want cause fashion has no boundaries right? Things we need,

  1. Woolen yarn of your choice. I am choosing these colors to match with my plans.
  2. A fork (size can be again of your choice).
  3. Pair of scissors.

Let’s get started, shall we!

Step 1:

Roll the woolen yarn around the fork taking one end out from the middle and roll it as big as you want your pom-pom to be.

Step 2:

After you are done rolling, cut the woolen at a little distance which will be tied to the another edge which we had left untouched in the beginning passing through the middle.

Step 3:

Your piece will look something like this.

Then cut the sides of your piece as shown in the picture and repeat this till you have required number of pom-poms.

Step 4:

Attach these to that pair of wedges or sandals that you want to transform into brand new,  make a nice pair of earrings out of it, or attatch it to a bag maybe. Well, It can be anything.


See you again..

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