PadMan challenge!!

Yes we are girls and we bleed. Periods are the part of our lives and there is nothing to be ashamed of. From the very beginning every girl is taught “not” to talk about periods at times not even with one’s own fathers. Every girl is told that if you want to carry a pad make sure nobody gets to know it’s a pad, you are supposed to hide it “HIDE IT!” Pharmacy’s, general stores every shop gives the pads in a black cover or a brown envelope and at least it should be in a newspaper but never to be seen. Why?? Why do we have to keep in inside a locker? What is so shameful about using a sanitary pad? Brothers don’t feel comfortable to buy these things for his sister, mother or girlfriend. Why so?

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Superheroes aka Mom’s!

A beautiful morning, a cup of tea, classic Parle G.. a thought crossed my mind and I asked my mom ” Amma nin kanas yen life naga!?” “what’s your dream??”

She answered “My dream is to see you both succeed” I was surprised! I mean, we must have seen it in a movie or read about it in a cheesy novel, Rite? But I never gave it a second thought as it didn’t seem real!

After digesting the fact and reading a bit about it, realized I had a story to tell! A story of all the Superheroes! MOMMY’S! The one who compromised something or the other (in some cases everything) which meant a lot to her!

Chali Kahani..

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