To One Amazing Year at NIFT!!

Going to turn around and leave this place behind just as I entered!

Empty and silent. I still remember the smell of this room when I entered for the first time. My bed, my cupboard and my table were empty was waiting to be filled with colours. The walls left behind, the story of someone else but it also let me design my own.  I struggled to get my luggage in and I struggled to stop my tears from dripping down my cheeks. I hid my eyes behind the glasses and sorrow behind the smile.

Little did I know that something bigger was happening. I came down to this place with my superhero but little did I know that he has to leave me behind soon. I didn’t know the place, I didn’t know the people but all I knew, that it was the first step towards my future and no matter how hard it got I had to take it.

I could feel so many thoughts rushing down my head when I was standing there waving at my father, bidding him farewell. Seeing him walk away was heartbreaking. I wanted to go back with him, I wanted to go home.

All the plans, all the dreams made no sense when I saw him going back home all I wanted to do was stay with my family and live happily ever after but I knew that there is more to life and I conquer my inner fears. I knew my parents happiness lies in seeing me succeed and that is possible only if I let him go back and only if I turn around and hold it all together.

I looked around at my small tiny room and told myself that this is it, this is where you belong and this is exactly where you need to ROAR. I looked at my packed bags and the empty cupboard and thought how few days ago I didn’t even know this place exists and now here I am calling it mine.

I was confident but I was scared, I knew what I was doing but I didn’t know where it will take me. I made new friends but I missed my family. I made a new family but I still can’t wait to see my people every holiday. I fell in love but I figured it was not my cup of tea. Few people got closer but few just stayed behind and never bothered. I cried till my eyes swelled, I have laughed till my stomach hurts, I have fought when the times were hard and I have realised that it got easier as time passed.

To one amazing year and millions of amazing experiences.

PS: Looking forward for the next three years.!!


Bag Hunting…Done Right!!

Hey Sugar,

So few weeks ago I promised to work harder on the site and come up with exciting posts from time to time and now its time to keep that pledge!

Bags are of priority these days and every bag lover should spend a few minutes or maybe hours on this site to check out their brand new collection. I’m at awe with these trendy bags.

Here is a big shout out to the collection and wishing team HotchPotch a grand success.

Hotch Potch is a brand owned and designed by Ms. Samiha Iyer  officially launched on Feb 2018. The brand is a twist of classic with quirk. The name itself evokes a trendy, youthful connotation that is suggestive of its mix and match style a massive venture, hotch potch is a take on stylised version of classics, with a play on shapes and embellishments.

” My product line would be jewelled bags, in leather as well as other materials and leather accessories. I don’t like being normal, i think different and making bags out of the box is what the brand aims at which reflects my personality and sensibility” -Samiha.

The turquoise satchel is my favorite. Which is your favorite bag? Comment below!!

This cute geometric sling couldn’t get any cuter!




Now that’s how you add a little bling!!


Less is more!! Eh?




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See you again..




How to crack NIFT 2019!!

Getting through any competitive examination is not a rocket science. It only needs two things

One Preparation, two interest.

If one is really interested in getting through then preparation will be definitely fun and trust me “not” easy. It should be kept in mind that consistency and relentlessness will take you there.

Here are a few tips on how to get through National Institute of Fashion Technology’s entrance examination,  held every year somewhere in the time block of the month January or February followed by the next rounds.

Starting with Bachelor’s: Bachelors of design and Bachelors of fashion technology are the two main branches in NIFT. To know more about the courses offered check the link below,

So for the preparation of general ability test you need to consistently solve or read. Refer the following books,

  1. R.S. Agarwal – Aptitude
  2. English is easy by Chetananand Singh.
  3. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.
  4. Manorama year book. (Well this may sound scary but once you start reading it, I bet you will love it and it will be kind of an addition at least till you get into nift after that you ll have to work your ass off!)
  5. Nift entrance exam preparation book- all in one by Arihant.
  6. Casestudy – Chetananand should do the work.

Creative ability test, as the name suggests it’s all about creativity. You don’t have to be The Pablo Picasso’s to crack NIFT. I wasn’t one and I am still nowhere near. For this part you need to practice drawing like

  1. Perspective drawing,
  2. Basic human proportions,
  3. Animals birds and their proportions,
  4. Compositions like bus stop drawing, Vegetable market, fruit stalls, dentist’s room etc and
  5. Most importantly Poster Making. Posters on women empowerment, corruption, quit smoking etc etc.

GAT part is similar for all the courses but since MFM BFT MFT does not have CAT the weight-age in each parts and the number of questions and patterns will be a little different.

So there is Quantitative ability, Communication ability, English comprehension, Analytical ability, General knowledge and current affairs, weightage of each section is given in the prospectus which is available online. I’ll make is easier turn to page 63. Use your brains..don’t just work hard! Work smart.

Make each day count.

All the very Best!

PS if you come under any kind of category! Then lay back eat popcorn and watch stranger things.. you will get in anyway! Sorry but not sorry!


NIFT Situation Test: Tips and Experience

So as the first “padhav” of NIFT entrance is over its time to gear up and think about the second round. As many people are asking about or wondering about the key answers, let me clarify there will be no such thing called key answers released form NIFT. You were not allowed to take the question paper along with you, am I right or am I right? So, with what will you tally your answers? I don’t think you remember all the question at least not in order! Anyways the moral of the story is you will be directly bombarded with the results so start paddling your own canoe and work.

Let me tell you what I did for my situation test and my experience in the exam hall.

Material handling is the most important thing in situation test and also at nift once you get in. You will be given a few materials in a packed cover and you won’t be allowed to even touch it before your time starts so basically you will get surprises and just hope that it won’t turn out to be a Pandora’s box. So to avoid such consequences of going completely blank you need to practice now. The materials that are usually given will be among this list down here,

Papers ( Coloured, newspapers, white papers etc) – not more than 5 mostly.
Ice-cream sticks
Match sticks
Plastic cup/cups
Notice board pins
Plastic balls
Thermocol balls
Card boards (one thick and one/two thin)
Clay etc etc..

These are the basics things which one might get in the exam. Be flexible with the material, whatever is given you need to make it work!

Things to remember for situation test.

  1. Time management.
  2. Material handling.
  3. Usage of the material.
  4. Concept and explanation. (Don’t forget to write down what’s the thought behind your model, if the model isn’t that impressive you might end up getting marks for your refreshing concept)
  5. The aesthetics of your final model.

So starting with time management, you will have 2 hours for this exam. Divide your time accordingly, first 15 min spend on deciding which question you are going to attempt after looking at the materials in that envelope. Once you are sure on which question you will attempt don’t waste your time looking what other people are doing, it just like switching on your panic button, total waste of time trust me. Start from the bottom or from the top whatever you are comfortable with and keep going for around 1 hour 15 min or max 1 hour 20 minutes. Now when last 20 minutes are left and the clock is ticking faster than ever, start writing down your concept on the sheet that will be provided to you and please use blue or black pen and not the colored one’s. Writing down your concept or explaining your model is most important even if your model isn’t complete or if you are not able to satisfy the jury aesthetically your explanation sheet will always help.

My experience during the test!

I was almost an hour early because I wanted study at NIFT Bangalore so badly. I was looking at all the students around beautifully dressed in body-con dresses, stilettos etc. (You don’t get extra points for that! Just saying)

And there I was wearing a Hoodie, a pair of ripped denim and sneakers because all I wanted was to be comfortable. I entered the exam hall at around 9:45 and we were allowed to go through the question paper and the box only at 10. I was scared but confident too I panicked but I was excited too. You can say these two hours were the fastest two hours of my life so far. I started with what I had in mind and I wanted my model to be simple, not very big, durable and of-course mind blowing. Thank God that I somehow managed to do the whole model and write down why I did what I did. After I was done I looked at the models around, few were good, few were amazing and few where worth staring at. I was scared to death I swear. All I could tell my mom was people out there are super talented and have done an amazing work but I was confident with my model too it wasn’t the best but it got me in NIFT after-all, so I must have done a pretty decent job.

Here are few examples of my practice models.

  1. Window display.


2. A ramp.


3. A memento to a teacher who is going to retire.

5. An indoor movie hall.

4. A wallet.

6.Footwear – Kolhapuri

Footwear with footstep counts and SOS!

So the conclusion is practice enough so that you don’t freak out looking at the things that day, try and use all the materials that they have provided maybe not completely but at least a little bit of everything, make sure your model is durable even if the jury picks-up your model to examine it should not break and fall into pieces, don’t add extra/unnecessary things just for the sake of adding it.

All the very best and will be waiting to see you enter the “NIFT PARIVAAR”.
See you again..

Justice for Asifa!


Let’s play a game they said to an eight year old innocent who smiled at them with a pure heart

Rules are very simple they explained, the pleasure is all mine and the pain is all yours

I will laugh a little louder and you will cry a little harder

You will be the victim and I will be forgiven and forgotten

She might have just heard him say games and she might have just walked down the temple holding his little finger with a smile on her face

She might have addressed him as “bhaiyya”, too naïve to notice the evil eyes and the wicked smile

One hour later her parents got tensed,

Two hours passed, they started looking around

They searched and searched for hours and days

She was just gone never to be found

They did not leave a single place untouched but the Temple

It’s too holy for any such a tragedy to happen but who knew this is the time of humans with no humanity left

Justice be done!