How to crack NIFT 2019!!

Getting through any competitive examination is not a rocket science. It only needs two things

One Preparation, two interest.

If one is really interested in getting through then preparation will be definitely fun and trust me “not” easy. It should be kept in mind that consistency and relentlessness will take you there.

Here are a few tips on how to get through National Institute of Fashion Technology’s entrance examination,  held every year somewhere in the time block of the month January or February followed by the next rounds.

Starting with Bachelor’s: Bachelors of design and Bachelors of fashion technology are the two main branches in NIFT. To know more about the courses offered check the link below,

So for the preparation of general ability test you need to consistently solve or read. Refer the following books,

  1. R.S. Agarwal – Aptitude
  2. English is easy by Chetananand Singh.
  3. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.
  4. Manorama year book. (Well this may sound scary but once you start reading it, I bet you will love it and it will be kind of an addition at least till you get into nift after that you ll have to work your ass off!)
  5. Nift entrance exam preparation book- all in one by Arihant.
  6. Casestudy – Chetananand should do the work.

Creative ability test, as the name suggests it’s all about creativity. You don’t have to be The Pablo Picasso’s to crack NIFT. I wasn’t one and I am still nowhere near. For this part you need to practice drawing like

  1. Perspective drawing,
  2. Basic human proportions,
  3. Animals birds and their proportions,
  4. Compositions like bus stop drawing, Vegetable market, fruit stalls, dentist’s room etc and
  5. Most importantly Poster Making. Posters on women empowerment, corruption, quit smoking etc etc.

GAT part is similar for all the courses but since MFM BFT MFT does not have CAT the weight-age in each parts and the number of questions and patterns will be a little different.

So there is Quantitative ability, Communication ability, English comprehension, Analytical ability, General knowledge and current affairs, weightage of each section is given in the prospectus which is available online. I’ll make is easier turn to page 63. Use your brains..don’t just work hard! Work smart.

Make each day count.

All the very Best!

PS if you come under any kind of category! Then lay back eat popcorn and watch stranger things.. you will get in anyway! Sorry but not sorry!


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