To One Amazing Year at NIFT!!

Going to turn around and leave this place behind just as I entered!

Empty and silent. I still remember the smell of this room when I entered for the first time. My bed, my cupboard and my table were empty was waiting to be filled with colours. The walls left behind, the story of someone else but it also let me design my own.  I struggled to get my luggage in and I struggled to stop my tears from dripping down my cheeks. I hid my eyes behind the glasses and sorrow behind the smile.

Little did I know that something bigger was happening. I came down to this place with my superhero but little did I know that he has to leave me behind soon. I didn’t know the place, I didn’t know the people but all I knew, that it was the first step towards my future and no matter how hard it got I had to take it.

I could feel so many thoughts rushing down my head when I was standing there waving at my father, bidding him farewell. Seeing him walk away was heartbreaking. I wanted to go back with him, I wanted to go home.

All the plans, all the dreams made no sense when I saw him going back home all I wanted to do was stay with my family and live happily ever after but I knew that there is more to life and I conquer my inner fears. I knew my parents happiness lies in seeing me succeed and that is possible only if I let him go back and only if I turn around and hold it all together.

I looked around at my small tiny room and told myself that this is it, this is where you belong and this is exactly where you need to ROAR. I looked at my packed bags and the empty cupboard and thought how few days ago I didn’t even know this place exists and now here I am calling it mine.

I was confident but I was scared, I knew what I was doing but I didn’t know where it will take me. I made new friends but I missed my family. I made a new family but I still can’t wait to see my people every holiday. I fell in love but I figured it was not my cup of tea. Few people got closer but few just stayed behind and never bothered. I cried till my eyes swelled, I have laughed till my stomach hurts, I have fought when the times were hard and I have realised that it got easier as time passed.

To one amazing year and millions of amazing experiences.

PS: Looking forward for the next three years.!!


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