I have a question! Why me??

Sometimes it just feels like the whole universe is working against you! Doesn’t it!! This is me being apocalyptic!! (He calls me that)

Last year we faced a similar bump where our site crashed

It happened again this year! Looks like I didn’t learn much from my last mistake!

Here we are, all odds against us…

Nift is grilling us…

Distance is killing us …

Blog is vexating us…

I cried, I suffered from insomnia, knocked every possible door for help, texted so many friends, struggled a lot but we all know how tricky WordPress can get.

I started cursing myself for not giving enough time… procrastinating the posts.

But here I’m am

This is me ( #bryanadams )taking an oath by the old gods and the new that, You all my folks ,will get to read a new article every week.


Will be posting our old post asap. Until then, try not to be apocalyptic about things, take a deep breath and say I’m going to handle this like a BOSS!!

Savage mood on!