Justice for Asifa!


Let’s play a game they said to an eight year old innocent who smiled at them with a pure heart

Rules are very simple they explained, the pleasure is all mine and the pain is all yours

I will laugh a little louder and you will cry a little harder

You will be the victim and I will be forgiven and forgotten

She might have just heard him say games and she might have just walked down the temple holding his little finger with a smile on her face

She might have addressed him as “bhaiyya”, too naïve to notice the evil eyes and the wicked smile

One hour later her parents got tensed,

Two hours passed, they started looking around

They searched and searched for hours and days

She was just gone never to be found

They did not leave a single place untouched but the Temple

It’s too holy for any such a tragedy to happen but who knew this is the time of humans with no humanity left

Justice be done!